Why beans? Our story

We didn't set out to create a bean company. We just loved eating really good food, and black beans, chickpeas, and white beans were always a part of our diet. 

Then someone mentioned that beans were a key component to the Blue Zone diet that was researched by New York Times' Best Selling Author Dan Buettner.

The book found that beans are a factor in long life. In fact, bean eaters tend to live 4+ years longer! That's no joke.

Why weren't more people eating beans then? Simply, people here in the US are intimidated.

We quickly realized that people didn't cook like us.

We realized that....our beans were special!

There was something curiously addictive that made people go back for seconds... or thirds! And yet there was no sugar. Just 8 organic herbs & spices.

At the time a friend suggested that we start bottling our beans, but that seemed overwhelming. Then it occurred to us that we could simply mix small batches of our organic herbs & spices for busy people to use at home.

Suddenly what seemed so insurmountable was reachable....and Easy Beansy was born.

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